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European award for GriwaTreuhand AG in London

The GriwaTreuhand AG Grindelwald received the coveted prize from an expert jury in London. In the category of Real Estate Agents Europe of the International Property Awards, GriwaTreuhand AG won the award of “highest recommended” real estate trust company of Switzerland. This is, after the award from Prestige MLS in Barcelona, the second award in a short time.


The international real estate industry looks once a year in anticipation to London, when at the end of October, the International Property Awards are awarded. This year, the GriwaTreuhand AG, a company within the GriwaGroup, was awarded this prestigious award. On October 26, 2016 the GriwaGroup founder and owner Markus Friedli as well as managing director Sandro Bolton had the honour to accept the award certificate “Highly Commended” in the category real estate trust company in London. With the participation in this competition, GriwaTreuhand AG was able to compete with the best in its field worldwide and was able to assert itself sovereignly. “We are very pleased with this award”, says Markus Friedly happily, “it confirms that we are on the right track”. The jury, which consisted of 70 experts, required detailed insight into the working methods and procedures used at GriwaTreuhand, for example in the area of marketing and its execution. Marketing tools, such as sales dossiers, published advertisements and web pages, were also examined. “There is a general trend towards comprehensive consulting in our industry nowadays”, notes Sandro Bolton. “Customers expect detailed information about our offers. Professional handling of the sales process is very important to the buyers or sellers of real estate.” It seems as if the jurors of the Property Awards were particularly impressed by the comprehensive services offered by GriwaTreuhand in conjunction with the other Griwa Group companies. They range from the purchase and sale of real estate to development, construction and conversion to the consulting, administration and rental of real estate.

Bellevue Best Property Agents 2017

Die GriwaPlan AG wurde von Bellevue für internationale und nationale Makler zu Best Property Agents 2017 ausgezeichnet.

The Prestige MLS Awards is a great moment of pride.

Pride for the work that has been accomplished. Pride for striving for excellence. Pride simply for being a Prestige MLS Member. «We are glad to welcome Griwaplan as our new Member in Switzerland. Markus Friedli, owner and co-founder at Griwaplan, introduces the Swiss Alps Luxury Real Estate Market for us.»

The 4th Prestige MLS Congress is a full-experience, with two days mixing industry conferences, networking moments and some fun times. One of the highlight every year is the Prestige MLS Awards Ceremony, rewarding our best Members. Discover our winners for 2013 now!


The ever-expected moment of every single one of our annual Congress is always the holding of the Prestige MLS Awards. To our older Members, it is a hard fight before the Congress to convince as many people to vote for them, and earn the trophy. To our newer Members, the Prestige MLS Awards is always a lovely surprise, and they come to love everything about the ceremony. To everyone, the Prestige MLS Awards is a great moment of pride. Pride for the work that has been accomplished. Pride for striving for excellence. Pride simply for being a Prestige MLS Member. There are many luxury real estate awards, but only one Prestige MLS Awards ceremony. Every year, Prestige MLS rewards the best work of our Members in five categories:


Best Web Site Design – Best Partner – Best Integration Brand – Best Listing Presentation – Best International Vision


To elect the winners of the Prestige MLS Awards, nominated have been submitted to the votes of their peers, and to public audiences, all online. For two weeks, aficionados of Luxury Real Estate have been voting, and some of our nominees have campaigned pretty hard to try and get the Grail of the industry. Then the fateful moment came. The Prestige MLS Awards ceremony took place on April 11, 2013, evening, at SALT Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. We are glad to announce that winning Members of the 2013 Prestige MLS Awards included: