Interview with Sandro Bolton, Managing Director of GRIWA TREUHAND AG & President HIV section Interlaken-Oberhasli

27. May 2019

Dear Sandro, mid Mai you were elected as President of the trade and industrial association, section Interlaken-Oberhasli.

What does the association mean to you and how long are you already in?

It is already the third year, in which I invest in our beautiful region. The section Interlaken-Oberhasli means a lot to me, because the association is very committed to evolve the regional economy. This I think is right and important.

How do you see the challenge of this presidency? Are you excited?

I was flattered, that I was proposed for this function after only two years of work at the board. However, that shows me, that there is already some trust there. The challenge for me is to increase the appeal of the business location east Bernese Oberland and to represent and support the regional and economic matters. I am very excited about doing this.

Do you have a vision, what you would like to achieve in your president’s term? How do you see your mission as president of the section Interlaken-Oberhasli?

My vision is that the regional, economic interest groups stand together and build a strong partner in all economic matters. Therefore, the qualitatively good and regular interaction with each other is important to me. That’s why we are working through political activity, to put up a framework, which increases the appeal of local economy. The national council election in October will play a major role in our plan. We will therefore fully support Marianne Lehmann from FDP Wilderswil and Andreas Michel from SVP Interlaken-Oberhasli, and work on the best possible foundations for them to start the election process. Our goal is to represent our region authentic and professional on a national basis.


GRIWA TREUHAND AG congratulates you on your new appointment as president of the trade and industrial association, section Interlaken-Oberhasli and we wish you much of success in achieving your vision.

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