Rent Your Apartment Effortlessly

As a landlord, it is vital to find long-term and reliable tenants for your property. We understand that this is not an easy task and are therefore committed to helping you with the permanent rental process.

Our comprehensive services aim to minimize your vacancy rate while ensuring continuous rental income.

Our expertise spans the entire permanent rental process.

From the advertisement to the handover of the apartment: we coordinate tenant screening, take care of contract management and are also optionally available to manage your rental property.

You can rely on our expertise to make your long-term rental process efficient and ensure lasting success.

Initial and Re-rental



  • Rental of residential and commercial properties
  • Rent determination and negotiations
  • Property assessments and data management
  • Marketing and processing of rental applications
  • Property viewings and tenant screening
  • Rental contract management and monitoring
  • Handover of rental properties



Management of Rental Properties



  • Renewal and termination of rental agreements
  • Coordination of rent increases and decreases
  • Administration of invoicing, reminders, and debt collection
  • Communication with tenants, contractors, authorities
  • Organization of repairs and maintenance work
  • Coordination in the event of damages and insurance claims




How to Secure Your Dream Home in the Mountains

The search for accommodation in the Grindelwald Area is currently particularly challenging due to the short supply. This makes it all the more essential to start the application process well prepared and informed. Here are some important points that can help you make a positive impression and successfully conclude a rental agreement for your dream home.

Complete and official documents

Don’t just bring the usual documents such as your identity card and debt collection extract, but also prove your seriousness with confirmation from your personal liability insurance. References from your previous landlord can also strengthen your application.

Personal impression counts

Landlords in the Bernese Oberland often attach great importance to getting to know their future tenants personally. Therefore, show up on time and neatly presented for the viewing and treat it like an important job interview. A short letter of application in which you explain your motivation for the apartment and mentioning any pets can make a positive impression.

Ask about special features of the property

After a successful introduction, it is important to find out about any special aspects of the property. Clarify questions about the type of heating, especially if the property is still heated with wood. Inquire about accessibility in summer and winter and, in the case of vacation apartments, take into account the visitor’s tax as well as vacation and peak times.