May I introduce myself? Chalet Fluehblüemli at your disposal

16. May 2019

I was born in the year of 1932. As a small Chalet in the glacier village Grindelwald, I was one of many but even then, my character was pretty unique. Even when there was a lot going on in the world, I experienced some calm and peaceful first years and watched the children of my owners grow.

1978 the action started in our little village. The Cable car Grindelwald-Männlichen was opened in December. As a local Chalet, I was aware, that there are hardly more beautiful places in the world than my birthplace. Obviously many people were until then, not able to enjoy the beautiful nature in Grindelwald! I saw people from all over the world, overwhelmed by my beautiful view. That’s when I knew: I not only have character but also the best view in the world.

In the following years, I did my best to accommodate my owners. When it’s freezing outside in Winter, my traditional tile stove provides warmth for the whole house and in Summer, I keep a cool attic.

In 2014, I felt already pretty old and exhausted. After all, I was already 80 years of age. Eight centuries are, even for an exceptional Chalet like me, a long time. Luckily for me, I was sold that year. The employees from GRIWA TREUHAND AG regularly came by with new prospects and I already felt a little bit younger. When all contracts were signed and sealed, something wonderful happened: I was being renovated! Therefore my studio in the basement and the apartment on the ground floor were improved and upgraded. I already felt at minimum 60 years younger!

After four beautiful and regenerated years, my friends from GRIWA TREUHAND AG visited me again. Of course, I showed myself at my best and my traditional-rustic character bewitched my visitors. As of the year 2018, I was very excited to take the family Koch-Gurtner under my beams. However, my run of good luck was not over yet! The family decided to complete my renovation and refurbished my attic. This year I will receive a new kitchen and bathroom. Naturally I am still in the process of being renovated, but I am already excited to feel like a newly build house and at least provide a good service again as long as I am already here.

Today you are able to book me as a vacation house. That’s how I can create fascinating new chapters with new guests to add to my story. Who knows, what I will be able to report you another 80 years from now.


Sincerely, your Chalet Fluehblüemli

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