Opening of the new branch office in Interlaken!

24. June 2019

Finally, the time has come to open our new branch office at the Jungfrau Center in Interlaken Ost. The set-up is complete and ready for our customers. As a shop-in-shop concept, our new store is directly located in the new exposition of GRIWA INTERIOR, formerly known Wohncenter von Allmen. Especially great for us is the fact that you can get in touch with all GRIWA companies in the same building in Interlaken, as it is in Grindelwald. This way our customers can benefit from an all-around service concerning real estate, construction, conversion & building refurbishment, rental of holiday homes and interior design. Everything under one roof.

The cooperation with GRIWA INTERIOR is a big plus for our customers and us. Our properties are mostly not furnished, therefore it is very useful for our customers to directly have access to consulting with our experts from GRIWA INTERIOR. Our colleagues are specialists in what they do. They can help you with a furnishing consultation, develop with you a design concept, advice you with light and kitchen planning, help you find the right textiles and produce them for you. Our professionals will support you till the end of the project, including installation and delivery.

For our customers, who fell in love with one of our properties but want to customize it or refurbish the building, we are happy to have our co-workers at GRIWA ARCHITEKTUR in the same building. GRIWA ARCHITEKTUR is known in the Jungfrau Region for creating exceptionally great chalets and with their expertise of over 30 years, they are experts for construction in the alpine terrain. Even the Jungfrau Center was planned and realized by GRIWA ARCHITEKTUR.

Last but not least, our customers benefit from our joint work with GRIWA RENT. Whoever wants to get a second property in the Bernese Oberland, mostly lives there only a couple of weeks a year. The rest of the time, the property can be sublet to other guests through GRIWA RENT. They offer full service, including cleaning and small craftwork. That’s how we can guarantee the optimal utilization of your property.

On the 21st and 22nd of June 2019, we opened the Jungfrau Center and celebrated with the location development association Interlaken Ost on the move the largest tree roof of Europe.

Join us at any time and discover the GRIWA-World. We are looking forward to your visit.


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