Oberländisches Schwingfest 2019

9. July 2019

The Oberländische Schwingerverband was officially founded in 1893 and, with 13 clubs, is one of the strongest associations within the Bernese association. 1916 was the first year in which the Oberland Wrestling Festival was organized by the Interlaken Wrestling Club. That was just over 100 years ago. However, the Wrestling Club itself was founded in 1893, as can be seen from the founding minutes of 1919. Unfortunately, all documentation from before 1919 is lost. Thus the Wrestling Club Interlaken celebrates its official 100th anniversary this year. So it is almost a matter of course that the Oberländische Schwingfest takes place this year in Interlaken.

History shows that there is hardly a more traditional Swiss sport than wrestling. It is assumed that a form of wrestling was already practiced in the 13th century. Already at that time, the prices were living prices and natural produce, whereby already at that time the fame of the victory could not be revalued with the prices. The original competition of farmers and shepherds became more and more popular at the end of the 19th century and developed into a national sport.

There are more than 300 variations of grips and swings. The seven best known are called:
– The Kurz
– The Übersprung
– The Brienzer
– The Hüfter
– The Buur
– The Gammen
– The Wyberhaagge
The names clearly show the long tradition of wrestling and its firm anchoring in Swiss culture.

Whoever wins at the Schwingfest gets a wreath. These wrestlers may call themselves “wreath wrestlers”. Whoever wins a wreath at a Federal Wrestling Festival may call himself a “confederate”. The winners of the Federal Wrestling Festival receive the title “Wrestling King”. Here too, the reputation plays a major role for the wrestlers and their clubs.

With Niklaus Zenger, the Interlaken Wrestling Club has a strong horse (or better bull) in its stable this year. The wrestler from Habkern, known as “Chlöisel”, has already won wreaths at the Swiss Wrestling Festivals in Burgdorf and Estavayer-le-Lac in 2013 & 2016. In 2017 he took first place at the Emmental Wrestling Festival in Heimenschwand.
GRIWA TREUHAND AG wishes all wrestlers a successful Oberländisches Schwingfest!

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Here you find the GRIWA RENT Wrestler Niklaus Zenger

This way to the Wrestling Club Interlaken.