A property in the Alps, what do you need to know?

6. June 2019

Living in the beautiful Bernese Oberland means mostly one thing: quality of life. It starts with the wake-up, which is really an experience. Rather than waking up surrounded by concrete buildings and the first-morning traffic, your neighbor’s cow will greet you or the sun will tickle your face when it passes the first mountain peaks. To fulfill this dream, more and more Swiss move to the countryside. Especially the mountains offer with their impressive landscape a popular recreation area. If you apply for a property to rent or a holiday home in this region, it is important to leave a good first impression due to the high demand. This means, that you not only take with you the common documentation like identity card and a valid copy of your debt collection register. To really make a good impression, it is rewarding to put in a little bit more effort. A lot of the landlords also find it important to meet their prospectively new tenants in person. Nobody wants to rent its deeply loved and cozy place to a total stranger! That’s why we prepared the following tips for you, so your application will be successful:

  • Take with you valid and official documents:
    • Identity card or passport
    • Debt collection register document
    • Confirmation of your personal liability insurance
  • Collect some testimonials from previous tenants
  • As if it would be a job interview, come on time and with a well-groomed appearance
  • Maybe even prepare a short letter, where you can explain to the landlord, why you want to be the new tenant if you got pets and so on.
  • IMPORTANT: In every case be there in person, don’t send anyone instead of you


After you successfully introduced yourself, there are some things you might want to learn about the property before signing the contract. We recommend you to keep the following points in mind:

  • Type of the heating system, there are often systems heating with wood
  • Accessibility in summer and winter
  • If you are interested in a holiday home there is also the visitor’s tax to take into consideration
  • Holidays and rush hours of the region


We are sure, that if you take these tips into account, you soon will relax or even live in a beautiful alpine ambiance. If you need further information, also concerning certain properties, contact us here.